Hong Kong


January – December

HK$32.50 per hour

See conditions below


Employment & Payroll

The employee and employer agree on a contract (whether it is written or oral) where it discusses salary and other benefits offered by the employer. It is an open-ended contract.

Employees are paid on monthly basis. The wages must be no later 7 days after they are due. The due date is decided between the employer and employee.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is HK$32.50 per hour

    HR & Labour

    Regular work day is from 9 am until 6 pm. The workweek is usually 5.5 days, Saturdays being a half day. Employees working 18 hours continuously in 4 consecutive weeks receive one rest day per week. Employers are prohibited to hire anyone under 15 years old. Employees between ages of 15-18 are not allowed to work more than 48 hours per week and 8 hours per day.


    Working visa is required for the non-nationals. Visa must be obtained prior to entering Hong Kong and local company must sponsor the employee. The sponsoring company is responsible for the employee during the length of his/her stay.

    Pension Fund

    The employer contributes 5%. The employee contributes 5%, if the employee’s monthly salary is below HKD 6,500, there is no contribution. Maximum salary ceiling is HKD25,000 per month.

    Severance Payment

    The amount of the severance payment is decided by the Employment Ordinance. It is calculated by multiplying the employee’s last month’s wages and the period of employment in the company.

    Leave Entitlements

    Vacation Days: Legal minimum is 7 days, depending on the employer. The average vacation days offered is 15 days per year.

    Sick Days: Employer is responsible for paying 80% of the regular employee wages to the sick employee after they have been out for 4 days.

    Employees accumulate 2 paid sick day per month during their first year of employment and 4 days per month after the first year.


      Advance notice is one month.

      Procedure: One month notice. However, the employer can offer a payment in lieu of notice. The amount of the payment is the number of days in the notice period and multiplied by the average wage of the employee.

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