Workforce Management

Presenting your entire workforce and payroll analytics in one ecosystem.


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Workforce Management

The Expedo WMS ecosystem allows for entire global workforce management, payroll and invoicing over a single integrated platform. Our platform consolidates local payroll data and delivers this in one interactive environment, acting as a single source-of-truth. Expedo WMS displays key workforce considerations including costs to employ, charge-out rates, service fees and more.

Bring together your direct employees, contingent workforce and contractors into a live, single interactive environment, managing compliance and improving visibility across your entire global workforce.

Human Resource

Our technology automates HR processes, provides tools for the effective management of people and business, and visualises people and performance metrics. Processes that have typically been performed manually, and in isolation, can now be automated with a flexible workflow engine and tracked in real-time by HR professionals and leadership teams.


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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ­ Performance and employee management

Align organisational objectives with employee goals through set key performance indicators.

πŸ† Training & development

Manage the training, learning and development of personnel with access to a pre-built, compliant and soft skill course library, or edit and customise content to suit organisational requirements with course builder functionality.

πŸ“œ Compliant precedent & HR letters

Access to an extensive library of scenario-based precedent letters.

πŸ“„ Position description templates

Create accurate, concise position descriptions with an intuitive position description builder.

⚠️ Incident identification and reporting

Monitor safety in the workplace, identify issues and prevent OHS/WHS incidents occurring.

πŸ˜” Terminations & offboarding

Ensure terminations are validated prior to actioning appropriate offboarding workflows, with step-by-step guidelines for compliant and accurate off-boarding and full visibility of activities and progress.

πŸ”” Notifications & alerts

Internal alerts and notifications for the decommissioning of IT access, security clearance and the return of company-owned assets etc.