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Global Payroll made easy

Expansion into global markets creates several complexities for the management of payroll. Organisations have to carefully navigate the legal requirements and obligations within each country to ensure compliance is upheld at all times. Managing this across multiple countries further increases these complexities.

Our Global Payroll offering is based on our vast experience in innovative payroll processing, coupled with our network of global offices to provide in-country presence and support to your organization.

As your business transforms on an international scale global payroll administration should not be hampered by time zones or national boundaries!

We are your global partner, our time zone is your time zone

The number of employee payrolls that our team processes each week

Our team of payroll professionals

Since the year 2000 we have grown from strength to strength and pride ourselves on being one of the most informative, responsive and service focused outsourcing companies in the industry. Critical to the success of these services are our locally based professionals in each jurisdiction who provide these employment solutions. Once we have identified the employment models in play for your situation, we can look at the service and communication flows and how that service is delivered. You have options here.

Our Service Models

The Global Manager (GM) Model

This model allows for a singular Easy Payroll global manager to be your point of contact. This GM will liaise with all In-Country Experts for such requirements on your behalf, and subsequently funnel communications back to you in a consolidated fashion. Having one key contact for your global employment solutions will streamline expectations, timings and reporting so you can focus on your core business functions.

The Direct In-Country Expert (ICE) Model

This service model allows you a direct relationship with the in-country expert. This locally based contact will be your eyes and ears for all things Payroll/HR in that jurisdiction, they will be directly responsible for servicing, communicating and reporting back to your Regional or Head office key contacts. This is often suitable when only a couple of countries are in play, a small global team at your fingertips.

Our Service Offering

Solution Building & Implementation
We build payroll processes to suit your organisation, using the latest technology and processes. We will navigate you through the implementation process to ensure a smooth migration of payroll management.

Payroll Processing
Don’t worry about a thing, we will prompt, capture and perform all payroll tasks at our end. Let’s get people paid accurately and on time with minimal fuss from your end.

Quality Assurance
To ensure quality of service we run parallel-processing during the setup of your solution. All payroll solutions come with a Service Level Agreement and supporting documents outlining our obligations to you.

Employee Self Service (ESS)
We can streamline the communication lines between payroll and employee. Our web based ESS platform is user friendly and individually tailored for your company’s requirements.

Reporting and Banking
On your approval, we can build, send and upload reports or data on your behalf. Our team of payroll specialists will also identify any important details that may require your review.

Ongoing Support and Advice
We will provide you with a dedicated Global Workforce manager that can be contacted by email or phone. Your global workforce manager can offer support and advice catered to your needs.

Data Security

Cutting Edge Technology
It is crucial to use the latest in software to offer enhanced levels of efficiency when working on the global scale. Our in-house technology team ensure we are using the best-of-bread technology to provide innovative solutions to our clients.

Data Security
Easy Payroll have established, maintain, and continuously enhance security measures and controls that safeguards the assets and the interests of both our company and our clients.

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